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I was born an Artist. Many of my relatives are artistic. In High School I had two paintings displayed at two different restaurants. My Senoir year, my final piece, which was a mixed media made it to an Art Gallery. Over the years, I used my talent and was hired from my aunt to draw whatever she needed and she would transfer it to her cake. In a couple of Daycare's I drew cartoon characters on their wall. I have won contests and received over 60+ Awards. Last, in the past four years, I have taught myself Photoshop, Digital Art, and Photo-Manipulation.
  1. Awards Received
    Zesty Zebra Awards on from Special Recognition Award and Honorable Award Received from Light & Space Online Art Gallery.
  2. Online Art Gallery
    You can find me at,, and Please feel free to take a look.
  3. Stores
    If you are interested in buying my Prints, you can go to two stores. and/or
My Skills
I am able to turn a photograph into a beautiful and creative Digital Painting. I am able to add more colors and texures. Please take a look at my gallery. I use models stocks from Deviant Art Website and image stocks from other Stock Providers. I have many friends that are Models and other Artist in the past four years and want to thank them for making my artwork possible. Also, I take my own photograph's and use them for my art as well.
Digital Painting
Mixed Media